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Well done to all the swimmers who participated in the Mantas Charity Swimathon of 2017. The event began with a presentation of a cheque from the last swimathon for just over $15000, to the Home of Loving Faithfulness. Gretchen Ryan, a trustee of the home kindly attended to receive the cheque on behalf of the Home. The swimmers then got on with the task of swimming as many lengths as they could up to a maximum of 200 lengths (5K) within the 2 hour time limit. It is always amazing how the swimmers find the inner strength to keep going!

Many thanks to the parents who counted the laps – after the swim, the children were rewarded with pizza and cakes for their great efforts. 27 swimmers gave up their time and showed great determination and effort to the challenge! A certificate will be sent to you all soon! Thanks to Belem Baillet, Charlotte Chan, Thomas Chan, Julian Chow, Nicholas and Emilie De Chazal, Aidan and Ethan Gan, Oliver Gibb, Adam Graham, Callum and Rowen Henderson, Kimberley and Caitlin Hobson, Marcel Hofstede, Quisha and Tiqa Lee, Malin Leven, Emeric and Fabien Payer, Leila Pimlott, Junhao Qiu, St John Smith, Barnaby Tibbats, Georgina Tso, Dylan Wong and Nathaniel Yeoh. Once all the sponsor money is collected there will be a prize for the swimmer raising the most individually, and the one with the most number of sponsors!