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Zoom Dryland Programme – Learn To Swim

Harry Wright International seeks to deliver a holistic approach to the Learn To Swim Programme by providing quality training to our young swimmers. We believe Harry Wright International is the best place for your children to gain confidence in their abilities, perform movements with ease and readiness. During these unfamiliar times we must think outside the box and develop new and innovative ways to keep our swimmers active, informed and most of all, happy. Being confined to your home without access to a pool, might seem detrimental to your child’s swimming ability. It is for this reason we have introduced a land based Learn To Swim Programme that is age and ability appropriate. We aim to offer a dynamic virtual environment for exercising, combining proven methods with fresh approaches and highlights the importance of fun when being active. We endeavour to always treat each swimmer as an individual and to discover how best to engage them during training and bring out the absolute best in them.

Our Learn To Swim Dryland Programme is appropriate for Beginner 2 Advanced - Improver (7 - 12 years). And we provide up to 6 sessions per week.

Beginner 2 Advanced - Improver (7 - 12 years)
Monday to Friday
16:00 – 16:45

09:00 – 09:45
$600 per two weeks (12 sessions)
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Equipment needed:

It will not be necessary to purchase any equipment as the programme allows for household items or toys to be used and can be easily attainable.

The following items will be used at every session:
  1. Bottle of water – filled
  2. Towel or Yoga mat
  3. Stuffed toy / medium size ball

Dress code:

To ensure the safety and comfort of exercising please make sure your child is dress in attire that is appropriate and comfortable. Please refrain from waring open shoes or slops but instead wear trainers.