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About HWI

The Premier Swim School

Established in 1975, Harry Wright International is the Premier Swim School in Hong Kong and has been offering a successful program of swimming lessons and training for children, from professional swimming instructors and coaches. The company's name is taken from its founder, the late Captain Harry Wright, who wanted to develop the sport of swimming in Hong Kong, after taking up residence here in 1974. The 'Wright' family soon became a well known name within the world of swimming in Hong Kong. Currently there are over 3,000 active swimmers within the aquatics program organized by Harry Wright International.

Our program of lessons is designed to give children all the skills they need to benefit and enjoy the sport of swimming as well as providing pathways of excellence for competitive swimmers. Harry Wright International prides itself on taking care of the individual needs of each child ensuring every swimmer reaches their maximum potential in swimming. To achieve this our instructors and coaches take steps to ensure each child develops at their own pace with constant monitoring of their performance throughout every stage of the program.

Our organization is global with instructors and coaches from various countries including England, Australia, China, Hong Kong and Germany. All lessons are taught in English.

To complement our program we offer various motivation and reward systems to celebrate small wins and grand achievements throughout the journey of swimming with Harry Wright. Further we understand the necessity of social, competitive and external activities to create a team spirit within our swimmers, examples of these include swim galas, inter-club meets, club dinners and fun 'splash days'. Our elite group of swimmers regularly competes in local and international events every year.

Everyone wins

A vital element in Harry Wright International holistic swim coaching programs is the organization and implementation of regular age group competition both locally and at an Asian level. Harry Wright International staff are fully involved and committed to arranging and supervising competition for all levels of talent, ensuring that everyone wins: Elite swimmers are able to maximize their potential, while those with lesser gifts are challenged to levels of excellence - and confidence - they might never have thought possible.

Leaders in swim coaching - based on results

Harry Wright International performance is based on results. From tiny tots to top international talent, we have trained many top local Asian and International swimmers with most national records held by current and past Harry Wright Swimmers.